CardioWise Joins the Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative as a Founding Member


Bringing AI/ML to the Front Lines of Healthcare

Fayetteville, AR - CardioWise® and Lucem Health™ announced that CardioWise has become a founding member of the Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative, a partner program designed to help AI/ML innovation move to the forefront of healthcare. The collaborative launched by Mayo Clinic along with other investing partners will help digital health innovators create, deploy, and commercialize transformational solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

Clinically focused AI is advancing rapidly but bridging the gap between the models’ potential benefits and actual impact is daunting. AI models are powered by data, and healthcare data is often siloed and difficult to access; AI models must be integrated into existing clinical applications and workflows; and providers often view models as opaque black boxes that are hard to explain, all of which can lead to limited adoption and limited access.

“AI has the potential to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered,” said Sean Cassidy, CEO, Lucem Health. “The challenge of realizing AI’s potential is not about doing data science and developing algorithms; it’s about understanding that clinical AI, to be relevant, must be integrated into the existing healthcare data and application ecosystem. Our Innovation Collaborative partners have a “solution first” mindset that considers all the requirements that must be in place for AI to be useful, trusted, and adopted.”

CardioWise’s SQuEEZ® is based on the ability in sequential high-resolution cardiac CT scans to track movement of individual points on the endocardium during the contraction of the heart. The analysis of SQuEEZ parameters has the potential to improve the ability to quantify accurately the ability of the heart to pump blood through the left ventricle.

Cardiac CT combined with SQuEEZ analysis software can provide clinicians with a normalized measurement to determine the answer to the first and most important clinical question a cardiac surgeon needs to know for patients with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) symptoms— “Is the contractile function normal or not normal?” SQuEEZ allows the surgeon to make a more informed decision for the patient, whether it is a drug, surgery, or medical device, and then follow the patient’s recovery and progress after the procedure, non-invasively and with extremely low exposure to radiation. The software provides an intuitive method to classify LV contractile function that can provide significant improvement in clinical decision-making relative to the inconsistent, qualitative tests used today. The software quantifies and localizes left ventricular (LV) contractile dysfunction which will improve clinical outcomes by addressing limitations of the current nonquantitative metrics of regional LV function. The simplicity of interpreting and displaying these results will increase patients’ understanding of their coronary artery disease.

Jack Coats, CEO of CardioWise, Inc. said, “We are very pleased to partner with Lucem Health to bring SQuEEZ, our cardiac AI solution to the Lucem multi-modal data integration platform to bring novel insights to the point of care. Together, Lucem and CardioWise will provide caregivers with next-generation algorithms and data that allows physicians to make better, more informed decisions about their patients’ care.”

About CardioWise:

CardioWise is on track to become the new gold standard of care for heart health analysis with it’s patented, non-invasive Cardiac CT analysis software that produces a quantified 4D image model of the human heart, called Stretch Quantifier for Endocardial Engraved Zones™ (SQuEEZ). CardioWise heart analysis software combined with cardiac CT is a single diagnostic test that can provide quantitative analysis of the myocardium, arteries, and valves with an unprecedented level of detail.

About Lucem Health:

Lucem Health, launched with Mayo Clinic along with investing partners Commure (a General Catalyst company) and Rally Ventures, empowers healthcare visionaries to quickly bring AI powered insights to the point of care. Digital health innovators develop transformative clinical solutions and advance them from the bench to the bedside to the front lines of healthcare on a single integration platform. Visionary clinical leaders deploy novel data and insights seamlessly into clinical workflows while ensuring that clinicians trust, adopt, and see value in them. For more information, visit