Neurexis Therapeutics: New Discoveries Could Revolutionize Treatment of Alzheimer's and Other Neurological Conditions

Results published in the journal Nature confirm critical role of Calcium Calmodulin Kinase II (CaMKII) enzyme Aurora, CO - Neurexis Therapeutics, a biotechnology company committed to reshaping the landscape of...

The Genomic Revolution: Unveiling Personalized Medicine's Investment Potential

In healthcare, a paradigm shift is underway – one that promises to transform healthcare as we know it. The emergence of personalized medicine, fueled by groundbreaking advancements in genomics and diagnostics, can save...

Exploring the Clinical Applications of Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Background: While most people think of virtual reality as a source of entertainment, there are potential clinical applications of virtual reality. In this article, we will explore some of the most promising clinical...

FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for High Impact Medical Devices

Within the VIC Tech portfolio, SFC Fluidics and Solenic Medical have both announced FDA Breakthrough Device designation. But what is FDA Breakthrough Device designation and what benefits does it provide? From a...

Cellia Science Awarded Phase I STTR Grant by National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering to Develop Instrument for Bone Marrow Aspiration Adequacy Assessment

This innovative use of Cellia’s core technology has the potential to improve the quality and reliability of bone marrow aspiration procedures.

VIC Tech Announces New Class of Fellows

The VIC Tech investment model is unique; it sources promising life science innovation directly from universities across the nation, allocating funding to form startup companies and advance these technologies to exit via...

SFC Fluidics Inc. Receives $2 Million SBIR Grant to Develop Groundbreaking Dual Hormone System for Diabetes Care

Next Generation Closed Loop System Designed for Broader Type I Diabetes Patient Population Fayetteville, AR - SFC Fluidics Inc., a medical device company focusing on drug delivery for treatment of Type 1 Diabetes, is...

VIC 2023 Mid-Year Report

Despite the difficult fundraising environment currently existing nationwide, VIC’s portfolio of companies made impressive progress in the first half of 2023.

Solaris Vaccines Awarded Funding from NIH to Develop Novel Influenza Vaccine using SolaVAX™ Platform

This NIAID SBIR will evaluate an innovative approach for producing superior vaccines more quickly and cost-effectively. FORT COLLINS, CO – Solaris Vaccines, Inc. announced today that it has received a Small Business...

Solenic Medical, Inc. Announces $5.1M Series A Funding Round Led by Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc.

Solenic accelerates their mission to treat patients suffering from acute or chronic prosthetic joint infections (PJI). ADDISON, TEXAS – Solenic Medical, developer of a device that uses alternating magnetic fields (AMF)...


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