VIC Portfolio Company, BlueInGreen, Acquired by Chart Industries

Arkansas-based cleantech company tapped to lead Chart’s global water and wastewater treatment markets Water cleantech company BlueInGreen, LLC—provider of the most efficient method of dissolving oxygen, carbon dioxide...

Inside The VIC Fellows Program

VIC Technology Venture Development’s ( investment model sources promising life science innovation directly from universities across the nation, allocating funding to form startup companies and advance...

VIC Fellows Spotlight: Travis Nemkov, PhD

The VIC Fellows Program provides an opportunity for individuals with relevant expertise and interest to learn how to identify and evaluate promising innovation from global sources. We are pleased to highlight the...

Tesseract Structural Innovations and Cymat Technologies Announce Co-Operation Agreement

Combines Tesseract’s engineered product innovations and Cymat’s stabilized aluminum foam in automotive, aerospace, transportation, nuclear transport, military and defense applications.

VIC Foundry: An Incubator for High Impact Life Science Technologies

What is VIC Foundry? VIC Foundry is one element of the VIC innovation ecosystem. It develops technologies sourced from top research institutions in the U.S. with the potential to have substantial impact and commercial...

Sustainability as Strategy: A Discussion with BlueInGreen

A Discussion with BlueInGreen Chief Marketing + Sustainability Officer Tyler Elm For those unfamiliar with BlueInGreen, tell us a little about the Company. BlueInGreen (BIG) is a remarkable, water clean-tech company....

VIC Fellow Spotlight: Dr. Greg Tucker

The VIC Fellows Program was created in late 2019 as a mechanism for individuals with specific expertise to learn about and be involved in identifying and evaluating promising life science innovations from universities,...

Partner Spotlight: OmniValley

VIC is pleased to work with OmniValley in supporting their mission to better connect fund and startup company investors to one another. OmniValley is an exclusive, online investor network built to offer connections for...

The Anatomy of a Friends and Family Round in a COVID-19 World

When I wrote about fundraising early this year, I knew that I would be raising a round shortly, but had no idea I would be doing it in a changed COVID-19 world. I have experienced two unexpected recessions as an...

Opportunity Assessment: How To Vet So Much Tech

How do you successfully evaluate hundreds of complicated technologies each year, with a team spread across the country and resources that span the globe? This was the challenge that VIC needed to solve back in early...


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