Cellia Science Formed to Develop and Commercialization Point-of-Care Hematology Analyzers


New company to advance blood cell analysis using label-free deep-UV imaging

Fayetteville, AR - VIC Technology Venture Development, LLC (VIC) announced today the formation of Cellia Science, Inc., to develop and commercialize point-of-care hematology analyzers. Cellia’s hematology analyzers will build upon novel deep-UV cell analysis technology licensed exclusively from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Currently, blood cell differential testing relies on complex workflows involving expensive instruments, multiple reagents, extensive instrument calibration and maintenance, and operation by highly trained personnel. This results in long turn-around times that delay administration of critical treatments, such as chemotherapy, anti-psychotic medications, and blood transfusions. Cellia is developing a blood cell analyzer targeted for CLIA-waived use at the point of care by any medical technician. The Company’s lead device under development aims to provide neutrophil and platelet counts for chemotherapy patients at risk of neutropenia and thrombocytopenia.

Hematology analysis is a prerequisite for a number of therapies. Adoption of Cellia’s blood cell analyzer in the clinic has the potential to eliminate delays in providing patients with these critical treatments. “While many point-of-care diagnostics involve trading accuracy or precision for convenience, preliminary studies implementing Cellia’s imaging technique resulted in high-quality images that provided excellent diagnostic power,” said Kelly Mabry, CEO of Cellia Science.

Cellia’s technology utilizes the inherent absorption of UV light by biomolecules within cells to generate high-quality, label-free images. The use of low wavelength light and the direct detection of biomolecules enables better resolution than the traditional method of staining with Giemsa or similar dyes. While the initial device will be targeted towards oncology, this technology may be extended for use in any blood cell analysis application.

This technology is based on innovative research from the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech. Dr. Francisco Robles and his lab drove the development of a UV microscopy system that could be adapted for point of care use. “Because our technology appears to achieve fast, reliable, quantitative, and simple blood cell analysis in a low-cost configuration,” said Dr. Robles, “it has great potential to simplify and improve clinical hematological analysis.” Dr. Robles will serve as the Chief Scientific Officer for Cellia Science.

About Cellia Science, Inc.

Cellia Science was formed in 2021 to develop and commercialize blood cell analyzers that provide rapid, actionable blood cell counts at the point of care. The foundation of Cellia’s blood cell analyzer is based on label-free deep-UV imaging technology exclusively licensed from the Georgia Institute of Technology. The Company’s lead device will provide neutrophil and platelet counts for chemotherapy patients at risk of neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. Follow-on versions of the technology will be applied to additional diseases with significant unmet need. To learn more, visit celliasci.com

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