Nob Hill Therapeutics Adds Seasoned Life Science Expert Paul Atkins as Executive Chairman

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Atkins will bring critical insight into the development and commercialization of inhaled medicines

PAtikins-Headshot_background_large copyAlbuquerque, NM - Southwest-based start-up Nob Hill Therapeutics is pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Atkins has been appointed as its Executive Chairman. Nob Hill Therapeutics mission is to commercialize the first-of-its-kind dry powder nebulizer (DryNeb™) inhalation drug delivery platform with technology exclusively licensed from the University of New Mexico. Nob Hill Therapeutics aims to create effective inhalation therapies to address lower respiratory infections, the 5th leading overall cause of death worldwide, and other deadly lung diseases.

Dr. Yun Li, Nob Hill Therapeutics CEO is excited to have Dr. Atkins join and lead Nob Hill Therapeutics going into pre-clinical and clinical stage of development. “It is a key milestone for Nob Hill Therapeutics as a company to grow from a young innovative startup to a key player in the field of inhaled medicine and therapy. With Dr. Atkins's incredible leadership experience Nob Hill Therapeutics will speed up the development of its first therapy and build a product pipeline that addresses huge unmet needs in targeted therapy for lung infections and other lung diseases.”

Dr. Atkins joins Nob Hill Therapeutics with more than 35 years of experience in global pharmaceuticals, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing inhaled medicines. He previously served as Vice President, Operations, Oriel Therapeutics Inc (a Novartis Company). Prior to that he was founding CEO and President of Oriel. Oriel Therapeutics was a start-up company utilizing unique technology to facilitate inhaled drug delivery and powder movement. During Dr. Atkins's tenure at Oriel, the company raised over $35M in venture and angel funding and was sold to Novartis in 2010.

Dr. Atkins has consulted for the United Nations on developing inhaled medicines for many years and is currently a member of the United Nations Medical and Chemical Technical Options Committee. He was part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (along with Vice President Al Gore) in 2007.

"I am delighted to join the Nob Hill Therapeutics team at this time. Through careful incubation and the use of SBIR and seed funding, the company has moved the technology to the point where a range of potential clinical/commercial opportunities can now be realized. We have a knowledgeable and experienced team, and we are looking forward to move the DryNeb technology into clinical development.”

About Nob Hill Therapeutics:
Nob Hills Therapeutics patented DryNeb™ Dry Powder Nebulizer is proven to deliver treatment drugs to the lower respiratory tract with much higher efficiency than the current state-of-the-art dry powder inhalers. Our technology has several key technological innovations compared to standard dry powder inhalers in generating highly efficient drug aerosols and delivering them effectively to the lower respiratory tract independent of patients' lung capacity. To learn more, please visit