VIC Investor Network Introduces a Secondary Market for Members

Provides VIN Members Early Liquidity Options

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. DECEMBER 14, 2020- The VIC Investor Network (“VIN”) makes investments into companies based on technologies that can have substantial impact on human health and well-being. A newly introduced feature of the VIC Investor Network is a Secondary Market that provides VIN Standard Members early liquidity options via sales of shares to other VIN members (learn more about VIN by registering for any of the upcoming webinars: VIN Webinar Registration.)

VIN operates as one element of a complete, nationally comprised, innovation ecosystem that mitigates the normal risk in investing in these types of high return-on-investment opportunity companies.VIC Model

Every investment opportunity presented to VIN members is in a company based on an innovative technology with large commercial opportunity that has been thoroughly vetted by an experienced, successful team, following a proven business model. Each investment is offered to VIN members at an attractive investment valuation. VIN co-invests alongside VIC Technology Venture Development, which provides additional protection to VIN members compared to investing in a typical angel investor network.

The new Secondary Market provides a simple, low-overhead means for VIN Standard Members to offer their shares from VIN investments they have made for sale to other VIN members. Any VIN Standard Member may offer any portion or all of their investments for sale on the VIN Secondary Market. The VIN member sets the sale price. Other VIN members may then either select to purchase the offered shares or may make a counter-offer via the website. VIC Technology Venture Development provides regular guidance on the current valuations for portfolio companies, allowing investors to tailor their offers properly.

Investment ChallengesVIN places all individual member investments into separate holding companies for each new investment round in each VIC portfolio company being invested in. The holding companies are set up to facilitate the exchange of shares from one VIN member to another. Thus, the exchange of shares from a VIN Secondary Market transaction occurs solely within the VIN holding company and not within the given VIC portfolio company. This greatly simplifies the overall process and keeps transaction costs extremely low.

The VIC Investor Network provides important advantages for investors interested in placing investments in high-impact, high-upside companies. The addition of the VIN Secondary Market is another compelling feature of VIN membership. 

About VIC Investor Network:

VIN is a nationally comprised network of accredited investors. VIC’s portfolio companies are based on the most commercially promising technologies exclusively licensed from top research institutions around the world. From breakthrough medical devices to lifesaving therapeutics, VIC companies develop commercially promising products and technologies that address important problems facing society and the world. For more information, please visit

About VIC Technology Venture Development:

VIC Technology Venture Development, LLC is a technology venture development firm that creates innovative new companies with world-changing science- and engineering-based technologies. VIC carefully selects and licenses technologies from universities and research institutions around the world, then partners technology entrepreneurs with VIC’s team of business and technology experts and allocates seed capital through the national VIC Investor Network. VIC provides its portfolio companies with senior management expertise, extensive knowledge of technology startups, and proven processes to execute business strategies, including legal, financial, operations, marketing, capital acquisition, and technology management. For more information, please visit