Zebra Analytix Launches an Advancement in Analytical Science with MEMS Cluster-Columns

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Zebra-2Fayetteville, AR – Zebra Analytix, a leader in miniaturized analytical instrumentation technology and innovation, is proud to introduce the groundbreaking gas chromatography MEMS Cluster-Column™. This development in chromatography expands the landscape of analytical sciences and open up new possibilities for professionals and industries in need of non-traditional chromatography applications.

The MEMS Cluster-Column, the latest innovation from Zebra Analytix, boasts a remarkable ability to link an unlimited number of columns with multiple and diverse stationary phases in series. What sets this technology apart is its compact footprint, a fraction of the size of traditional five-meter tubular capillary columns, with a unique ability to generate full baseline separation of compounds which has not previously been achievable without the use of a mass spectrometer.

ClusterCloumn_DoubleImageJohn Michalek, CEO of Zebra Analytix, says “with cluster column technology, Zebra Analytix is tackling a long unsolved issue in gas chromatography where multiple column lengths and phases in series is impractical using conventional methods. Cluster columns solve this issue on the micro scale making it possible to get full baseline separation of like compounds without the need for multiple detectors”.

Notably, Cluster-Columns offer a compact design that fits 100 meters of column length into the palm of your hand. They make hand-held and portable chromatography systems possible, simplify maintenance with a user-friendly cartridge design, and ensure cost-effectiveness through competitive pricing. Their rapid heating and cooling capabilities expedite analyses and reduce resource consumption. The MEMS Cluster-Columns are also compatible with standard Gas Chromatography (GC) systems, facilitating an easy transition to this innovative technology.

The introduction of the MEMS Cluster-Column is a significant leap forward in analytical science, offering scientists, researchers, and professionals a powerful tool that enhances precision, efficiency, and accessibility. Zebra Analytix continues to lead the way in technological innovation, and this new product is a testament to our commitment to redefining the possibilities in the field of analytical chemistry.

About Zebra Analytix

Zebra Analytix was established to develop and commercialize miniature gas chromatography (GC) systems based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) innovation. The patent-protected technology offers microfabricated chips capable of multi-channel separations in a single package. Advantages include vastly decreased instrument size, lower cost, versatility, improved sensitivity, portability, ease of operation and speed to results. For more information, please visit zebraanalytix.com

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